Enterprise Database management

Genesis provides database administration and management services including database design, database performance analysis, audits and database tuning services. We can build and manage complex database systems and our tech. team has the expertise to integrate a variety of databases and ERP systems on multiple platforms. Our Database Administration services provide 24×7 support of production databases, and 9×5 support of development and test databases. In addition to the typical day to day administrative or maintenance activities, production databases are continuously monitored to detect potential problems in order to proactively address issues before service is affected.

Our DBA’s are experts in providing preventive care your database environment requires. Few important features of our Database Support Services are:

  • Regular health check-up of Databases
  • Database Backup & Recovery
  • Patch Management
  • Database Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data (Schema) Management
  • Database Backup & Recovery

The Critical Support calls are responded to within 1 hour. Please find the table below which categorises the response window based on the criticality.

Priority Level
24×7 Respond Within
9×5 Support Respond Within
Critical 1 hour 2 hours
High 1 hour 2 hours
Medium 1 hour 2 hours
Low 2 hours 2 hours


We also provide On-Call Database Administrator support that can save a tremendous amount of time and money.

In short our Enterprise Database management solution provides your organization with:

  • Affordable database management costs.
  • Highly experienced Database Administrators.
  • Peace of mind through proactive monitoring

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